The people that are behing Manigat think they are so moral and...

Hahaha - March 15 2011, 1:30 PM

The people that are behing Manigat think they are so moral and educated.

But Mirlande may have just lost the presidency in inviting Aristide to help her with her education reforms.

Now, on the surface there is nothing wrong with it, but this is politics and there is nothing normal about it.
Aristide has assured everyone that he will not be involving himself in politics, and now that Mirlande has publicly declared that she would seek an alliance with him in her political decisions to reform education - that introduces a twist in the our political twister.

This will either shift the presidency to Michel or outright give it to her with the Lavalas vote. But who knows what alliances Michel has made. I would not be surprised to see Titide with a pink shirt and baldhead when he get off the plane.

It's politics! Don't take it so seriously.

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