Jimmy i am sure you did not hear him say 'Bam Mamam' but he...

Lionel - March 14 2011, 7:05 PM

Jimmy i am sure you did not hear him say 'Bam Mamam' but he did say 'Tet Kale'.

Basically, what i am saying is that this was a soft endorsement; s smart play on the part of Teleimage who used to publicize Michel's youtube clips.

You are smart and you know what i am saying.

I would do the same thing if i was in his place, just to make sure i do not loose the Michel audience.

Praz is in Michel's camp and this was what is referred to as a soft endorsement.

In other words, the Haitian voting world expect all kind of stuff to come at Michel, because he is leading in the polls.

So, this plays out wonderfully for those who are venting for him. Some political characters gain from negative perception.

Remember they said that Obama was a muslim terrorist - well, you know the rest.

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Actually I disagree with your comment, Valerio said...

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