Gen plizie fason pou plante pou aveni peyia, min lesenciel se...

Tet Kale - March 14 2011, 2:28 PM

Gen plizie fason pou plante pou aveni peyia, min lesenciel se ke fo nou plante pou yo ka jwen pi devan.

Mate kompa'a nan dingong yo tet kale.

Haiti - Politic: Michel Martelly has no objection to the return of Aristide...

14/03/2011 14:09:16

In a press conference this Monday, the candidate Michel Martelly, who acknowledges having received the support of several members of the Party of former President Aristide, declared "Jean-Bertrand Aristide, as President Duvalier, has the right to return in his country today, tomorrow.

This should not disrupt the elections".

However, Michel Martelly, even if he sees no "objection" to this return, has moderated his statement by stating "if I had the authority, I would ask him to wait until Monday or Tuesday [of the next week] for the stability of the electoral period" a statement very similar to the remarks made earlier by a spokesman of the U.S. Department.

"I believe that what we are experiencing is irreversible, the people is ready to commit in the change and to vote Sunday, even if the President Aristide returns to the country before March 20"

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