You know what D.G. your dad is right, unless you live under a...

Jessica - March 13 2011, 8:36 AM

You know what D.G. your dad is right, unless you live under a regime like that it is hard to imagine:you could not even trust your family.

You could not even say the name Duvalier, and I hate to say it but most Mickey' s close friends are from that era, from what I understand they gave a glance of their intolerance during the debate but by the time they played the tape of the debate on TV, they cleaned it up. Mickey is being financed by old duvalieristes.

If Mannigat had the ressources, I am sure she could have access to Mickey' s dealing and who knows maybe that is why Mickey is backing out of a second debate.

Mickey is well connected," Dis-moi qui tu frequentes, je te dirais qui tu es".

Haitians people have been warned, if they elect this man a lot of us will have to get out of the country.

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Hello Jessica, Thank you for putting in the public...

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