Well the youth cannot understand that you don' t teach new...

Jessica - March 12 2011, 5:43 PM

Well the youth cannot understand that you don' t teach new tricks to an old dog. The aggressiveness you saw against the journalist prying into Martely business dealings, is what is being kept under wrap until after the elections.

the guy has had for pals characters like Michel francois, Toto Constant, you ever heard the saying: "dis-moi qui tu frequentes, je te dirai qui tu es".

This youth does not know Michel Martely, maybe they know Sweet mickey.

But one thing for sure the excuses that the lavalasse fans are using nowadays will not be valid for this group getting ready to be deceived, because this group is warned: Martely has failed at everything he has tried.

In fact the group following him is the same one that took the streets to put Preval in power.

By the way according to your logic not even a rapist belongs in jail.

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Darling sister, the youth of Haiti is going to go...


Debat Presidentiel d'Haiti: Michel Martelly supplante sa rivale

Sans conteste, le candidat

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