This is not the only problem, Martely came out like a thug...

Jessica - March 12 2011, 5:53 PM

This is not the only problem, Martely came out like a thug when he went after the journalist, foreign observers will not appreciate this act, Mickey' s handlers are counting on the fact that Haiti is full of low information voter, you have to wonder, how many know that Mickey and Bellerive are cousins, so how much change can this guy really bring, that mickey was a macoute when he was 15, he ran with Michel francois and members of FRAPH.

I mean in some countries mickey would not have survived the first round.

Now the million dollars that he owed to the bank, does he intend to pay them back?

When donald Trump ran out of money he filed for bankruptcy, Mikey ran up the bill on uncle Sam and packed his stuff, some of us know the difference.

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