During political debate or public discussions on issues, there...

Camille Vaughes - March 12 2011, 7:54 AM

During political debate or public discussions on issues, there are many ways to answer a surprising unwanted or even embarrassing question.

One is to generalize and another to humbly admit that in retrospect other means and perspectives could have come to play to appear as flexible and willing to learn from the past. That, of course, all depends on the importance and severity of the issue.

In that scenario of the first debate, i thought that the first journalist to bring up the article on the 3 houses did pose a fair question to Michel.

But the second journalist, who was not wearing a tie, was out of line. Although, out of line, Michel could have downplayed his question by simply saying that his agent did not propose for him to call the bank and that overall the nature of the real state business at the time did place the investor pretty much in a non-bargaining position...

The point is that journalist try to get under your skin, and you have to know how to shield yourself and not insult them to the point of finding yourself in the mess they are trying to pull your concentration into.
Michel did a good job with his concentration, given that he is not familiar with a control setting, such as was presented.

He did himself a great deal of good by telling the journalist that there is love in his heart for him no matter what. The journalist that was not wearing a tie was totally defeated at that point, and he felt it as well as everyone else.
People should remember that that journalist had never asked the Government what they have been doing with the millions and millions they have already received.

So, with Micky he was exercising his new found joy of being in his first presidential live and televised debate.

He tried to score and failed with mith missing the ball totally.

I believe that Michel will be part of the next debate, if there will be one, but i am of the opinion that the journalist of mister not wearing no tie is not going to be invited by GIAP.
People must remember that Michel is not used to stand still on a stage.

People should also remember that Michel has a great head on his shoulders to take on seasoned old time politicians with his limited experience in such matters.

Everyone knew what they could expect from Mirlande, but it was surprising that the musician, business entrepreneur, social activist turn politician could have actually sing such a beautiful of responsibility and duty to the nation.

I applaud you Michel, bravo.

We wait to see you pin your tie straight for your second debate, and deal with any journalist that is not wearing a tie who are tied down in the old unproductive ways.

Forward and upward!

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