Cpt.D, I do hope you take your own advice and Still volunteer...

Jynee - March 8 2011, 12:16 PM


I do hope you take your own advice and Still volunteer in Haiti to trained the new Armed Services under a Martelli administration.

And while you are training them, can you also trained them to be loyal to their actual country, Haiti and not their overlord USA! We don't need any more coup d'etats! I do think we have enough!

like I said before, I would love to see a woman president but I think Mirlande is falling in the same trap her husband fell in 1988 when he became president by making an alliance with the L'Armee d'Haiti.

Mr. Manigat got toppled when he tried to reform the Army, how are you going to reform the very crooked crew that set you up.

The same will happen with Mrs. Manigat, I don't see how she can reform the crooks in Inite! Preval, Lambert, Kelly Bastien all these big time thieves and crooks, how is she going to reform them?

even if she wanted to, she couldn't! they put her in power so she owes them big time.

You know very well that one of the guys who work for McCain campaign is working in Martelly campaign.

So you know that he learned a lot from the loss to Obama and he is pulling pages after pages from the obama campaign book so you need to warm up to the idea that Mr. Michel Martelly will be the Commander in Chief in Haiti.

You can thank Haiti's political predecessors who have drag the country to the point where they are willing to take a chance with Martelly.

Afterall, if Bush had not ruined the economy, people would not run to Obama en masse.

Maybe I might bump into you in Haiti at Martelly's inaugural celebration, I'll be the one in pink smiling ear to ear but then again there will a whole lot of us!

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