Gade yon denie mesaj colonela voye bay cpt d. colonela mespere...

Phillip H. - February 27 2011, 6:22 AM

Gade yon denie mesaj colonela voye bay cpt d. colonela mespere li oke kemap fe echo puwou.

min li cpt d.

Hey buddy boy, not 2 along they had Obama n his wife on the cover of the New York magazaine covered as Muslim Terrorists.

Just about right after that, others wr saying that he should not b President becz it can not b proven that he wz born in the Continental US or US territories.

Not 2 long ago some shot Kennedy becz they thought this and that.
Some many yrs ago they shot Lincoln becz of this and that.
Just the other day, some wanted Bill Clinton impeached because he got special service from some woman name Monica.

Right after that, some were saying that war crime charges should b brought against George Bush.
What is my point?

U asked.

Here it is, SO WHAT if Michel Martelly was arrested or was filmed or was this and that, the point is HE IS GOING TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF HAITI and you are going be what?

Little buddy, run for president of the US or Haiti, and i will look at your programs and see if u'll get my vote. Until then, keep looking for doodoo in micky's n other people's butts n you will be well rewarded, because there is always plenty to be found.

Except, of course, in urs. U r the model citizen.

U r the standard.

All the young ladies n young men should look to see how you you lived your glorious holy life.
Hey, let me tell you a secret, whey u r looking for doodoo if you do not see any at the crack of the entrance stick your head a little deeper and open your eyes; i guarantee that u will see some n u can come back on this screen and tell us about it.
Haiti can use some teachers and good role models, what are you doing wasting your time on this screen like a teenager.

I just flew in Haiti last Friday, n u should see what i c.
Be well buddy, i think i understand your problem.

It hurts you to c micky n the light that he is, while u r just sitting there reading this.

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