Politicians and Historians may disagree with my opinion. Even...

Cj - February 16 2011, 2:34 PM

Politicians and Historians may disagree with my opinion.

Even the poorest of the poorest in Haiti knows, the return of these two EX presidents presence in the Haiti now is not a good idea, especially with Aristide been too recent memories.

Humans are emotional beings.

No matter what history holds on these two men, playing with the mind of a traumatize people after all these natural disasters should be a violation to human rights law. Anyhow
Aristide claimed that he loves the land of Haiti and its people, also that he is a follower of Jesus-Christ.WWJD
For God so love the world that he gave

get a bible
Aristide can start by giving his life since he love my country soooooooooooooooo much. Now I'm sure it is not about HAITI, he loves himself.

He's more focus on making a lawyer rich and imbecile of himself for history sake for someone who has so much schooling.

I suggest these two men get a book on the life of legendary Nelson Mandela and they can learn a little about PATRIOTIC and SELFlessness Service.

Another thing if we all ordinary people living outside of Haiti thought we had this same dumb idea we had to be in Haiti to help Haiti, then western Union and the phone cards companies would be out of business and Haiti would have been the lost nation already.

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