Haitian brothers and sisters, vote for Mirlande Manigat...

Yvrance Unelus - February 5 2011, 1:36 PM

Haitian brothers and sisters, vote for Mirlande Manigat.

Mirlande Manigat is the woman President who can bring change to Haiti.

She will bring affordable housing to all the people who lost their homes in the earthquake.

She will bring healthcare reform, education reform.

Haiti will be a melting pot where everybody whether you are able or disable will have the right to the pursuit of happiness.

Mirlande Manigat will bring democracy in Haiti.She will bring jobs to Haiti.

The haitian people will not have to risk their life by taking the boats to get to the coasts Bahamas or Florida illegally.

Haitans, vote for Mirlande Manigat to get out of poverty, out of ignorance, out of loneliness.

Mirlande Manigat will build Airports in every departments to open the roads to tourism and artistry in Haiti.All the artists, musicians, painters, photographers, cineasts, and tourists will take their vacations in Haiti.

The tourists industry will flourish in Haiti in all departments, not only in Port au Prince.

Therefore, Haitians, my brothers and sisters, vote for Mirlande Manigat.

She is the wise lady for the emancipation of the Haitian people.Vote for Mirlande Manigat.

There is hope for the haitian people with Mirlande Manigat.

Mirlande Manigat, the Lady of Haiti, will make Haiti a better place to live and to visit.

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