Raymond, Allow me to say that this whole election affair has...

Ronald Altieri - February 4 2011, 2:27 PM


Allow me to say that this whole election affair has been about Mr. Michel Martelly.

Think about it!

Where would Haiti be without Michel's patriotic vigor?

I will tell you where:

"In the same old place.

Yes! In the same old outdated mentality."

The year is now 2011 and Haiti must move on with new ideas and new players for its new vibrant game.

Think about this!

Were where we and what was this person and that person doing for Haiti before Jan 12, 2010?

Really! Ask your friends to think about that as we move closer to Mar 20th.

There are many ways to focus on a particular view. Can you see?

En avant!

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lets do the righthings for haiti lets focus one...

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without Michel haiti will in the same hold like the...

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