We have shared some meaningful thoughts with one another on...

Ronald Altieri - February 1 2011, 6:08 PM

We have shared some meaningful thoughts with one another on many different different issues of the Nov 28 Elections (or Selections depending on your point of view), but tomorrow is the day that the CEP (no matter what you think of them) is about to reveal what they have been thinking about since Preval and High Ranking officials of his administration had invited OAS Experts to 'Verify' and 'Recommend'.

I, like many of you, have entertained different scenarios by which all parties involved would possibly find some comfort as the process move forward.

The one that i seem to think of the most is the following:

The CEP report will most likely ask that Mirlande, Michel and Jude all take part in the Seccond Round on Mar 20.

This scenario, would force Michel to look at his statement that he would not take part in a 3-way final with Celestin.

The hope is that they would score on his conviction to certain positions.

With that scenario, they will also be taking a lesson from Michel in his statement that a leader must take the people where they ought to go and not necessarily where they want to go. Thereby, CEP would hope to steer the people in a direction to show their leadership qualities.

But most of all, to heat-up the fever of 'Reactionary-Nationalism' that seems to be sweeping up the country behind some non-essential factoring groups - presently.

But if this scenario is manifested, Michel will easily move to a position of conviction for the betterment of his party - meaning:

As a person Michel may not want to go into a 3-way run-off, but as one who is passionate about his party's call he will have no choice.

Hey! The game must be played with the players on the field, and not necessarily the ones we would prefer.

Such as life in the political arena.

I may be totally wrong, but this idea was tickling my thoughts, so i decided to share with you.

What do you think?

Do you think the CEP will stand behind the reactionary-nationalist fever, and call for a new election with all candidates (may be not, because it was Michel that publicize it first)?

Or, do you think they will bouncde Michel and stand behind their original decision (although the leadership of Inite has already pull Jude's legs from the race - but he has not sign his removal)?

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