Listen and look inside of your mind carefully. But before you...

Conscience - January 29 2011, 10:54 AM

Listen and look inside of your mind carefully.

But before you do so:

Does any have the video of Aristide got on his knees and asking the Haitian Criminals to stop commiting crimes for the betterment of the country?

Does anybody have the interview in which Aristide was crying while asking the rapists to stop raping the Haitian girls?

Does anybody have a copy of the letter in which Aristide wrote to the Haitian Peopple in asking them to stop the kidnapping.

Does anybody have the letter that he wrote to his friend Bill Clinton and his Prime Minister and now President Preval asking them to please help him come back back to his country?

Doee anybody have those things or anyother that they want to share with the Haitian People to show how much he loves his country that he was willing to die for, as the First Elected President by the most votes in Haiti.

If you do not have any stories or anything to share with us, then you can just send us the copy of the letter he sent to the South African government.

Remember that to be able to see does not mean that you are not blind.

You are blind, OPEN YOUR EYES with your mind - but better yet OPEN YOUR MIND with your conscience.

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