YES! He went to Saint Louis de Gonzaque, and so did Jean...

Josy - January 28 2011, 12:46 AM

YES! He went to Saint Louis de Gonzaque, and so did Jean Claude Duvalier.

SLDG is an elite school in Port au Prince, and you can hear it when he speaks in French.

He is not just an uneducated person, and came from a very decent family.

He performs his act on stage to provide for his family, and make youthful mistakes like the rest of us. He has done many things, but did not talk about them and he is a breath of fresh air.

Please do not bother sending me hate emails, and I have a right to my own opinion.

I understand Haitians have a problem with opinions that differ from theirs, and I am hoping to see him the next President of Haiti.

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