I have nothing against the " La Bourjoisie " but they need...

Max Mills - January 27 2011, 12:24 AM

I have nothing against the " La Bourjoisie " but they need also to participate in the reconstruction by sharing their opinions as well like everybody it seems they are not Haitians, they are not living in the island like everybody, they do not feel the pain, they are not mourning like the ordinary people.

Where is the Private sector?

I' m not talking about one particular but all.

Where are the young graduates from the Universities?

They are also " La jeunesse ".

Why are not they sharing their opinions in the media?

Just to make the government feel they have a say also in the situation.

They behaving like ghosts to me.They need to stand up also for their right.

We do not need their money.When the time comes for them to invest they will, believe me my brother they will. But for now they need to raise their voices along with the poor to say no to craps.

The rich and the poor are not friends yes but in the situation that we are now, we need to join hands as one mind, one soul, one spirit to rebuild the country.They need to come and help in the people education.

No time for hatred here .Just show a little love.

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That is why the Haitin Elite should be FORCED to...

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