He might be dying of some terminal illness, and does not care...

Josy - January 19 2011, 1:06 AM

He might be dying of some terminal illness, and does not care about the outcome of hir return to Haiti.

You have to be insane to bring yourself to the "abattoir".

and cannot understand his motives.

Prayers, tears, and the shedding of blood are very powerful.

The victims' families are praying to GOD, and asking for justice.

I was not there, and do not know what he did or did not do to his own people.

I only know that GOD is not sleeping, and if you do wrong on this earth ...Karma.

I bet he is dying, and wanted to be popular one last time.

Eternal rest grant unto him, and through the mercy of CHRIST may he die in peace.

P.S. Are you using the man for your own political gains, and agenda.

May the LORD have mercy on you, because you are going to pay for your sins and GOD is real.


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