Well my friend, to tell you the truth I am not afraid to say...

Max Mills - January 18 2011, 10:25 PM

Well my friend, to tell you the truth I am not afraid to say to any woman that i love, " I love you" .Because i value that person and I respect my words.But what I meant in my comment is, some people believe 100 % so the world is going to be ended in 12- 12- 12 .They have fear, they are nervous, no matter what you try to tell them about it will go trough one ear to the other.

By my side I do not believe in that of non sense of calendar or astrology.

No man knows the end of what you don't build.

If you build a house you know it will be finished a certain time as well as a car, plane you name it. Whatever one has in mind is what he perceives.The world that I am living now is not going to end next year unless if my father in heaven requires my presence up there where He is.For now I will not stop loving my fellow mankind of which I call good friends, the beauty of the nature and above all these creatures we call " woooooo-man " look at this one, she is so sweet, well carved with God 'special chisels.

What do we need more here on earth.

So do you want the fun to end next year .Not me. Let's party until our own end. Keep sharing the love. Make one person feels good today as there is no tomorrow.

( se mwen ki di'l )

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well, well, well SO it's time to say " I love you'...

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very well you should be afraid only of being AFRAID...

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