Its not good that they arrested baby doc.he left the country...

Gav - January 18 2011, 4:01 PM

Its not good that they arrested baby doc.he left the country 25 years ago went Into exile In france, and In those 25 years has haiti become better for the haitian people In the absense of Jean Claude?

What have all those intellectuals done to improve haiti In the 25 years that jean claude was In france?

Those young haitians that lived In the united states and committed crimes and was imprisoned after being release they were deported back to haiti, and some became members of gangs thats behind the rape, kidnapping,and murder of haitian americans that go down to visit their families.what have the intellectuals done about those problems?NOTHING
Le francois papa doc Duvalier te prezidan Ayiti, le Jean claude baby doc Duvalier te prezidan haiti.

si ou te fe respe ou et pa mete nan affaire goveman
Ou domi trankil pa gin moun pou vin pou ou le soir. Ou fe frekan ak goveman yo montre ou ki moun ki boss.
Di mouin avant Francois Duvalier te prezidan an haiti eske haiti te bon pou 90% de malere yo, moun ki pat gin.o eske haiti te bon pou 10% de moun rich yo ki pat care 0 pou malere yo.moun ki viv nan bel gro kay, ap pale francais ak pitit yo.ap fe bonne travay tankou esclave, lave rad, planche rad, kuit manje, netouye kay, et peye yo combien goude et malere supose kontan.

In the 25 years jean claude was In france the gangs came Into play and no one was able to stop them. In the tent cities after the earth quake rape Is rampant no intellectuals can stop the gangs that are doing this.
Or maybe they just don't care because Its being done to malere and who cares about them?

I'll tell you who cares people like Francois Duvalier, Jean Claude Duvalier, Tonton Macoute these are the people that care pou malere yo.
That Is why people like Francois Duvalier, Jean Claude Duvalier, and tonton macoute were able to come Into power because they were the ones that showed some Interest In the poor (malere yo).

The gangs In haiti don't care about the crimes they commit the kidnapping, Murder,and know why they don't care because they know that the police Is afraid to come for them. these gang members did not grow up with the fear of tonton macoute In them.
This Is why when haitian americans go down to haiti to visit family they might get kidnapped because some gang chief thinks thay brought american dollars with them.
Look at what happen In Iraq, the americans came and got rid of Saadam Hussein he ruled with an Iron fist, Iran was afraid of him, now since the americans removed the dictator Saadam Hussein, Iran Is building nuclear weapons.

If saadam was still alive and dictator In Iraq, Iran will not be building nuclear weapons.

because they would have been afraid of what saadam Hussein would do.
Haiti cherie needs someone like Jean Claude and tonton macoute.and If Its not Jean Claude himself, a manigat or mickey If one of the two can rule with an iron fist.

This Is also for those haitians who were born In haiti and became U.S. citizens what you have In your hands Is citizenship Achte.what I mean by that Is If you commit a serious crime In the United States, go to prison serve your time and as soon as you get out of prison Immigration will take away your citizenship and send you back to where you were born.they will send you back to Haiti.

So stay straight.

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