Anyway he's welcomeback, im 37 and i remember tap tap use to...

Christian Marcus - January 18 2011, 8:41 AM

anyway he's welcomeback, im 37 and i remember tap tap use to work day n nite on blvd jn jacques Dessalines, zenglendo,kidnaping was never an issue for thep Haitian people, we had 100 of factory giving job to people.

After 1986 till now can some one tells me one single thing that better than what Jn Claude duvalier did.Don.t forget that he was about 19 years old when he was president;most bad things was not from his order, PEOPLE AROUND "BABY DOC" WAS PRESIDENT.From 1986 till now, none of them ain't do better than Baby Doc. leave the man alone, he's mature now.HE CAN DO BETTER THAN A LOT OF FAKE POLITICIANS IN HAITI.I's 2011 let's "MAKE PEACE WITH PAST SO IT WON'T SPOIL THE PRESENT.THIS IS NOT THE TIME, WHERE'S THE UNITY!!!MAY GOD BLESS HAITI.

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bon, men sak te rete a actually, i have mix feelings...

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