Very truthful, nice and mellow - Maya! I remember Champs De...

Sesalye - January 17 2011, 9:34 AM

Very truthful, nice and mellow - Maya!

I remember Champs De Mars filled with tourists taking pictures, and ice skating on Bicentenaire was so special.

Concerts in Paramount - Charles Aznavour, Daniel Santos, etc...

Racing playing Aigle Noir at the Stadium Sylvio Cator.

I attended Petit Seminarie College St. Martial, and went for a sceance at the Capitol movie theater with my folks.

Les Gypsies, Led Difficiles De Petion Ville, Les Ambassadeurs, Leon Dimanche, Shupa Shupa, Samba Creole and the best of them all - Les Fantasistes De Carrefour.

You remember!

We often attended Volleyball games played early night the St. Jean Episcopal College.

How special!

The nights at the Drive-In eating kibbies.

The sceances at the Cine Canape Vert, which had no roof. Hey! It was something.

No! We did not have much, but we managed with the little we had. We had our own eggs at that time, we did not buy much of anything from the US Food Market nor the Dominican Republic's.

We shared much with the less fortunate.

This period was between 1070 and 1975, and if you were there you know how special Haiti was at the time.

The best of that time was that the haitian Dollar (5 gourdes rouge was equal to the US green Dollar).

Yes! There were a lot of issues, mistreatments and abuse, but it was nothing compared to what was happening between 1986 to Jan 12, 2010.

Let us face the trash as well as the truth.

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I do not want to / will not get into any politics and...

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