Thank you Gerry, for sharing and explaining the fouondation of...

Ronald Altieri - December 28 2010, 8:52 AM

Thank you Gerry, for sharing and explaining the fouondation of some of your views.

The only thing i would to say in response, before we move on, is this little story:

There were three little old men who lived in village by themselves in a wooded part of 'Ile de la tortue', and some thought they posessed satanic powers.

A bishop once heard their story and went to convert them to Catholics.

He went there on a small boat with with a Haitian Priest and a Nun.

The three little old men received them well, and offered them herbs, water and mil, which is all they eat and drink.

The Bishop thaught told them them how to pray the 'Lord's Prayer' - Our Father ...

The three little old men smiled after and said in unison, " Why does the prayer start with 'Our Father'?.

The Bishop wnet to explain that it is because

The three little old, who spoke in unison, went to find that strange because they all worship the 'Divine Mother' who gave birth to everything that is good. But smiling, they said, "I suppose the Divine Mother must have given birth to everything with the Great Father."

Well they were told of the miracles of Jesus the Son of God, and particularly on one occasion when he walked on water.

They shared stories and the three old men were given crosses as a gift, and the Bishop, Nun and Priest were given three little rocka gifts.

The Bishop, Nun and Priest were in their boat maiking their way back to Port-Au-Prince when they were caught up in storm.

The Bishop was his knees holding the hands of the Nun and Priest as he started to say the Lord's Prayer.

The boat was sinking they were drowning.

All of sudden he saw the little men walking on water making their way to save them as they calmed the storming sea.

The Bishop, Nun and Priest were afraid and amazed.

The Bishop asked by what develish powers are you able to walm and calm the waters.

They all three said, " In the story you told us about Jesus walking on water; you also mentioned that he said, " If you have a little faith as small as a mustard seed, all is impossible."

Well! We decided to come by, because we wanted to ask you if it was possible to start the 'Lord's Prayer' by saying "Our Divine Mother"?

The Bishop kneeled and said to the Nun and Priest that they had just witnessed the miracle of having a little faith.

He went to say to the Priest and Nun, that it was not about religion, Jesus or Prayers and Crosses, but that it was about FAITH.

Gerry, the three little men had never done anyone wrong but they were thought of as being possesed by satan.

They did not know about Jesus, Religions or Christianity, but the Bishop wanted to convert them.

Next time you see a little rock, i hope you will pick it up as way remember that our faith need to be solid.

Now, it is true in Egyptian mythology, which precedes the New Testament, doing the impossible was depicted in hieroglyphics as walking on water.

Also, in the stories of Huang-Po, Orion and Horus and others you will come across doing the impossible depicted as walking on water.

But that is another matter.

Moving on!

Let us not bathe in on how clever the devil is. But instead, let us wash in the goodness of God to shield us from the ungodly.

Yes! Let us move on to share our faith in what is going on in our Motherland Haiti.

Remember! In faith we will, but in fear we will not.

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