Focus On Haiti by Gauthier Saintilus

Gauthier Saintilus - December 19 2010, 12:17 PM

Political Analysis on Presidential Elections 2010 in Haiti.

Hello Brethren,

I determoned to help my country in all systematic aspects of development.

Those of you who are concerned abbout Haiti, get involve now, do something for our country.

Here what I have to say about the eminent candidates and the mess of the presidential elections 2010 in Haiti.

First of all, the former first Lady, Mirland Manigat, would not be successful in her governance.

In fact, She should not get ionvolve in this mess, because her husband was overthrown by Haitian's Military coup! The result of these elections will betray the will of the people.

It is not yet the time for Haiti to have a woman leads the executive office.

This country needs an inspired leader to reinvent its National Sovereignty! I would rather place Mirland Manigat to another important post where she could serve Haiti better.

That is for her own benefit and the country.

Second of all, Haitians should not tolerate any regressive government (preval's government) to pass on the power to his designated successor! The citizens should have freedom and rights to vote voluntarily for any candidate whom they think is right to lead the country.

In order to avoid wrong selection, the election should on the crteria of Universal Suffrage.

When those principles are not applied through the campaign, the chances are frauds, inconsistancy, riots, and civilian's protestations will oppose the selectiion.

As far as I am concerned about the classification of the three contenders, Jude Celestin, (preval's designated successor) was running behind Martelly, and Mirland Manigat.

Since no candidate obtained the 50% of the votes needed to win outright, Haitians will return, may be, to the polls on January 2011!

Regarding Martelly, the Haitians entertainer, i am confident that He would do something positive in the coountry.

He unveils his nationalism through his speeches.

I would use his skills and his heroism to move forward with Haiti!

Finally, as everybody noticed the mediocrity of the government, it is a shame for all Haitians! preval's government has become unpopoular because of lock of progress! One of the reasons is that those regressives politicians refuse to take advice from wise people!

What will be happen in the new year 2011?

Nobody knows, but God Almighty knows! He will use His power against the Pharaohs who keep Haiti in captivity! Watch out! Those of you who have faith in the LORD, pray, pray, pray. and wait to see the glory of GOD on behalf of Haiti! Please, reply to this topic ASAP. Thank you. God leads and bless Haiti.

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