Some have stated that in this new political climate, it would...

Ronald Altieri - December 12 2010, 10:45 AM

Some have stated that in this new political climate, it would be better for our government to have a governing body composed of 5 members.

Some others whisper about the constitution not being in that light; the constitution is a foundation by which ideas can be brought to surface.

Permit me to say that, the people of a nation is its breath, but the constitution is just a guiding document, changeable and not infallible.

So, it can be amended to clarify its guiding path; whereeby, the people can be better guided.

In that thought, I applaud the idea of a coalition of five, and they can vote amongst themselves to choose the leader or president.

The other four can be replaced by the top 4 vote getters in the election of 2015.

The other 4 can be positioned as: Minister of Finance, Minister of Tourism, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Armed Forces.

The President or Prime Minister should hold the post for 10 years, but can be voted out (if the people find strong disatisfaction with him or her) after 6 or 8 years by the other 4 members of the coalition.

At which time, the Chief of Justice will hold such post temporarily until the next election.

Why the Chief of Justice; well, that is to make sure that things are not easily orchestraed amongst the four against their chosen leader.

Moreover, if either the President of one of the Four Mimisters were to deciease while in office, then the other four would vote in a replacement (not the Chief of Justice - in this case) to finish out the term.

I am certain you can see where i am driving at. I am inclined to believe that it is good food for thought!

We all know that things should never again be as they were. Haiti should never again suffer as it did since its independence.

But first, we must be in good conscience, and in that new consciousness we must show the world that we can come together and recreate ourselves mentally.

Our ancestors and the 300,000 or so who perished in the earthquake depend on us to take the future generations in a better direction.

Let us all become beacons of lights to those who are caught up in the storms of life with burning tires.

Now is the time for sharing new ideas to move us toward a better day, because the old ideas of yesterday have not done a single thing for us - as a whole.

We are not terrorits; we are not polluting the atmosphere; we do not create weapons of mass destruction; we do not mafacture weapons, we are Haitians.

In the history we stand proud.

Let us clean our minds, clean our environment and dance to a better day.

Misery, quake, poverty, cholera, earthquake will not silence our drums; our music; our dreams.

We are Haitians and our time has come to stand firm, and lock minds with each other so that our spirit can generate the necesaary energy to vibrate evil out of our midst.

Well! May be we will not see Mirlande, Michel, Ceant, Baker and Jeudi or ...

enjoying a Chrismas or New Year's celebration on the same table.

But we must keep on dreaming it can be one day. For the least that one can do is dream, and the most that one can do is to live within that dream.

In the New Testament, Saul became Paul in order for us to learn something.

Our ancestors left us a beautiful dream: " L'Union Fait La Force ", and Dessalines thought us that treaon leads us to nowhere.

Where are we going?

Where do you want to go?

Where are you taking the children?

Can you see?

Always In Christ,
Ronald Altieri

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