Eviction Notice to the Haitian Governent!

Nadege M. - December 8 2010, 11:27 AM

Where in history have you heard of an earthquake destroying the Presidential Palace along with all the Government and Administration offices?

What does that tell you President Preval and those who swear to follow your footsteps?

Do you really think it was just an accident?

As a Prophet of the Most High God, let me warn you that it was not a mere coincidence, or an accident, but rather a divine eviction notice to you, and every form of evil practice and corruption embedded in the breast of Haiti and his people.

We as a Nation is under judgment, our cup is overflowing with every form of abomination a Nation could possibly birth with no fear or regards for Heaven's authority.

Had it not been for a remaining handful pleading before the Almighty, we would have ceased to exist as a Nation, You Mr. Preval, the head of this Country, with all due respect have completed the evil sequence all the other Presidents have shared in the past; the seal of probation has been placed upon our country, our people.

Now its the time to be conscious of the state of your people, your country, and choose to make a difference for the better.

You can either disregard this message and witness the pending wrath of God, or you may choose to change the course of history for the Haitian people by redirecting your steps, your actions starting with this election.

May the God of Heaven who is a just judge take note of your thoughts, words, and actions on behalf of the Haitian people and the Country of Haiti from the day you read this letter; and may you be judge accordingly.

May God have mercy on the just among our people while He judge the wicked in the land and abroad.

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