We, Haitian people need to stand for ourselves at this point...

Chesnel - December 8 2010, 10:56 AM

We, Haitian people need to stand for ourselves at this point.

No one else will stand for us if we don't. Preval is a criminal and needs to be prosecuted accordingly.

The world should be invited to see what is happening in Haiti.

We cannot have Jude Celestin as the President of Haiti.

Our people will still walk in and eat in the mud and trash.

The world should involve for the sick of Humanity.

The word should know God is watching.

God blesses America and some other countries for a reason to care for others.

It does not seem like this engagement has been taken.

Haiti is going to the wrong direction.

We need help from the world.

This is the time for all Haitians gather together to say enough.

According to a French epidemiologist "Renaud Piarroux", the soldiers of the Minustah are the source of the Cholera's contamination.

This is ridiculous.

We, Haitian need to stand up today and say no and this is enough.

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