I think that even before the elections day (nov. 28th) the CEP...

Duplan Fils-aime - December 8 2010, 8:24 AM

i think that even before the elections day (nov. 28th) the CEP and rene preval already had the results set up. it is so frustrated that after so much desasters in haiti political leaders still don't want to care about the will and the needs of the people.

i think we need a new political class.not the same people from LAVALAS divided by thousands groups to fulfill their wallets.

how many million dollars are already spent after the earthquake?

is it right that NGOs get millions on behalf of people in tents to just bring them tarps to build more slums in the country?

jude celesti gave IZOLAN from the hip hop band BARIKAD GROUP 20,000 us dollars the last day of campaign to go to the village of GRESSIER just to say vote for jude celestin.also in the north of haiti he brought people from BOIS PIN to BAHON by bus and in the afternoon they had to make it back home by foot...isn't it frustrated?

what does he really want being a president of haiti?what does the ultimate FAMOUS rene preval want?

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