I beleive that the man is a liar include his boss preval all...

Martine Civil - November 27 2010, 2:29 AM

I beleive that the man is a liar include his boss preval all are fake haiti need to have a reseach and record dept for those candidat where before they go registered they can be screen not after launching for a presidential call in now all the facts are in view. that really make us look bad in this is why the white man feel that we can't we are not trusworthy, reliable.

the famous name for the goverment of haiti is that we are the thug's in we continue to prove that we are. people of haiti let's face the fact that we can't control ourselve nor do govern a nation.

what view or vision do we have?

we may have the sensation and ideas to do good but because of lack of skills and long term of administration experience left us with a sense of ignorance.

therefore we are view as a none future nation.

respect in dignity are no value to our nation face it again the fact in learn to acknowledge that beside all of our history between haitians revolution to the u.s we're still left behind of taughts our past history hurt us much, much more then the present.

we talk a lot about touissaint louverture and Dessalines.stop honoring the past the american's are tired of hearing about history you want to talk about history go to the library learn and enrich your knowledge in so forth stop slaming it at there face what does our history do for us we all are here in the u.s working and trying to fulfill the american dream.

so tell me what have your history do for you?so stop the poetic fashion about history because it hasn't done much for us only an archives Documents.

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