Shocking News... Jude Celestin Was A DJ in Switzerland, Not an Engineer!

A Swiss website reveals that Jude Celestin's Engineering degree is just a figment of his imagination. Jude Celestin loved to DJ in Switzerland but he NEVER graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from EPFL!

Here is a clip from the French article "Election en Haïti: le favori s'invente un titre d'ingénieur de l'EPFL" posted on the site

The problem is that Jude Celestin appears nowhere in the records of the EPFL [Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Suisse)].

School spokesperson, Jérôme Grosse, said categorically that...

"The person in question [Jude Celestin] does not appear in the list of engineering degrees at the EPFL."

Some of the students who attended EPFL went on to say that Celestin could have attended a particular course, but courses leading to a diploma, not a trace!

Mezanmi... Se Gro Koze...

DJ Jude On the Beat! Hey Mr. DJ...

One student who knows Jude Celestin well in Lausane at the time told that Jude Celestin was a ladies man who loved to party... He spent most of his time at the Association of Caribbean workers in Switzerland where he loved to DJ

Read the full article here but what I don't understand is why is this coming out now and why is the Haitian media saying nothing about it?


Now that the election is only a few days away... Do you believe this to be true or false?

Reply with your comments.

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Marc says...

I don't

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Drm Joseph Tertullien says...

Non-sense! I don't care about Jude Celestin.

But why now! Where were they when he was Prime Minister?

When he ran for President in the last elections?

Now that he has the possibility of becoming the next President, they bring that on. I call it a big

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Pony Berrouet says...

tooooo Late. Beside we don't care, our mind is set. Celestin will be the next president and he will be a very good one. Watch

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Patrick Princivil says...

Wéy ! A la de kozé papa !

Injényè nan fant janm médam yo, koté nonm nan té gen tan poul té alé lékòl?

Sé plimen nèg la ap maché plimen moun ;

Mwen pap fout pran kaka poule pou zé.


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Jack P says...

Why this Switzerland school did not reveal his personality in 2010 throughout the last election period?

Why now when he is not managing any longer the country

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Ruhevi says...

Aucune surprise! Attendons maintenant que Jude Célestin apporte des

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Philippe Francois says...

I have to tell you all there is media but not a reliable journal reporting news in Haiti.

The media in Haiti makes noise of non sense they lean on government until they get jobs and freebies, they are unprofessional without common sense in the journalisme world.

A media outlet with good understanding about his position will have numerous news reporter investigate loopholes and expose its finding.

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Bullshit Hunter says...

Could someone open that link?

Seems this news is a big

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Bullshit Hunter says...

Could someone open that link?

Seems this news is a big

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Ti Guy says...

Jude Celestin gain prestige et decorum.

Li pas descendre kanson ni pou li fait lamayotte pou 25 kob pou li acheter ti poud blanc.

Jude celestin pas deux moune alafois.

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