No hypocrisy here: If the Haitian masses will not vote for...

Marjory Middy - November 16 2010, 6:09 PM

No hypocrisy here: If the Haitian masses will not vote for Baker, this decision has NOTHING to do with Aristide.

Let us call it what it is -- PREJUDICE, RACISM.

They might vote for him because he is WHITE looking.

I will not believe any of you when you encountered racism from other countries.

Just DON'T complain, because nobody will believe you. Because you are doing the very same thing in Haiti.

We all know where we stand, don't we?

Yes, Mirlande Manigat has some merit.

On her own she can shine.

But in contrast to Mr. Baker.

Baker stands as the best merit.

I have nothing against Mrs. Manigat.

I thought among the three candidates who were recently in Florida for a presidential debate she was decidedly the Star
in term of her response to questions asked to the candidates.

Laguerre appeared to ready to go to war and angry.

Those are fanatics and they don't make good presidents.

On the other hands, Mrs. Manigat was poised and moderate in her approach.

However, none of the three had a solid economic development plan. Mrs Manigat was the only one who answered the questions globally and not circumstantially and piece meal.
However, none of them could stand up to Charles-Henri Baker who has a definite economic plan, a clear vision in a historic contextual basis.

Mr. Baker was not part of the three-candidate debate.

Like I said before, If you do win, Good luck Madame Manigat.

From these blogs that I have watching for a few months now, something is very clear to me at this juncture IS THIS: Haiti's reconstruction plan and development plan ARE NOT FOR TOMORROW...


eske mass la pral vote baker

my friends call me crazy they told me that mass la pap vote baker cause he was against aristide what do u think

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