The head line got me so upset that i dont even take time to...

Excedra - October 30 2010, 5:22 PM

The head line got me so upset that i dont even take time to read the mail.This delay his asking for isn't anything new.He just make it happen.But we don't have to go along with it.I hate this jack ass. Next time they going to kill us all or come with a new idea. anyway our voices never been heard and our votes never been counted.

Their big boss always place the stupidest Haitian as prsident so he can do as he want and make beleive that he doesn't know what is going on. Hati belong to us not anyone else. What you don't know must become as a surprise to you. Politic is elly a doggy thing but i have to say most of us are so passionate with out even have an idea what is it all aboutand cannot even see thereality.

If we could manage with out a president it would be great i think.

Just have a kingship.

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