Sure, why not? My question to you, Mr. Preval: When are you...

Pierre B. - October 26 2010, 9:16 AM

Sure, why not?

My question to you, Mr. Preval: When are you gonna tell these people who were tragically hit by the earthquake and now cholera that you are care and you are trying to provide them with the best quality care?

When are you gonna tell them that help is on the way?

When are you gonna stop talking bull about election?

I know you wanna stick your butt there and don't go anywhere so that you can continue telling this poor nation "Naje pou yo soti".

Election an sipoze fet and I suggest you do everything you can do help these people, Mr. President.

lastly, can you encourage these people to go to vote so that at least they would hope for a change?

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The election should be delayed,if notwill kill many...

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