As of now, no one has fully articulated clearly why Mirlande...

Tiba - October 26 2010, 6:12 AM

As of now, no one has fully articulated clearly why Mirlande Manigat would be an effective president for Haiti.

Being a GOOD woman/person doesn't qualify somebody to be a good leader.

Second, not disrespect intended but The National Palace is NOT a nursing home for senior citizens.

It is time that Haiti start thinking about electing young people with new ideas to lead the country forward.

Third, ALL Haitian should know that electing Mirlande president is "Crowning" her husband, Manigat, as king of Haiti.

Because whether we want it or not, we all should know that Manigat will be the one calling the shots, not her.

Having thow (2) senior citizens ruling Haiti would be bad for the Haitian people.

They have no ideas, and their brain power is very slow to make decisions.

Think about the country's future and its people and not about how much you like a candidate based on emotion.

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