10 things to bring Haiti to the 21st Century 1) Agriculture...

William Jusme - October 21 2010, 10:23 PM

10 things to bring Haiti to the 21st Century

1) Agriculture.

Haiti needs 9 organization like ODVA (Organization Development Valley Artibonite) to reorganize Agricultural System.

The canals are too deep; the soil needs to be analyzed to determine the kind of plants that will be profitable for the country and beneficial to the soil. Too many small parcels of lands are cultivated by too many small individual farmers.

An administrative intervention must take place so the small farmers can get the most production from their lands.

It is obvious that Haiti is a tropical country, but yet, we are still buying agricultural products from other countries.

Something is really wrong with this picture ladies and gentlemen.

If we can revert that, we can save millions of $$ going to some one else countries.

In return, we will create more jobs at home and build confidence, once more, in our agricultural system.

2) School is a necessity in any country in order to have a well cultured society.

I believe in it so much because my mother and my father did not have the opportunity to go to school.

They knew that they were handicap to some extent in life. My mom was a maid at some one else home. She saw it, at first hand, the differenve between her life and the kid's lives who had the opportunity to go school.

She was determined that all her kids should have a quality education.

Unfortunately, breast cancer exterminated her life when she was in her early 40s. I was well aware of her aspiration; I made sure her dream came true. All my mother

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