I would agree with you if Haiti did not have a bad past...

Bernadette - October 17 2010, 6:49 PM

I would agree with you if Haiti did not have a bad past experience with foreign occupation...

The scars and the wounds still run deep.
A formal collaboration with foreign interested countries with tangible Plans and a progress measuring system with Haiti along with a Haitian President.

The President in turn should be held accountable to the "Contract".

We have tried occupation, it did not work for us, Why go back?

Let us try something new:
A mixed-bag of what was done before which is financial and expertise coaching.

Haitian Government should have the final word in any decisions taken or dictated by the Plan.
We should take the "charity money" to use it as "seed" money to take care of basic needs.

This time, we should take the money with a new twist.

For each and every project that work at least at 80% capacity, we would give the Donor Country a respectable and agreed percentage of dollar interest back to the Donor Country.

Each and every trade, investment or job creation activities that work at least 75% at its capacity, we would also give the Donor Country an agreed interest dollar amount back.
While we are creating the factories and agricultural development for an economically sustainable Haiti.

We should also envisioned projects like Off-shore banking and (designated areas only) gambling among others for legally created quick cash projects.

These avenues, among others would give Haiti the push that we desperately need. It would also give the donor nations an incentive to help.
It would also give our self-respect back.
The above is just an example plan. This is by no means a completed Plan.

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Why not a protectorat for 50 years? Look at Panama ...

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