Since my earlier posting, I found out some more info...

Alister Wm Macintyre - October 1 2010, 9:51 PM

Since my earlier posting, I found out some more info:

Application of Jean Bertin (HSP) challenged by Pierre Garnier Gaston, and rejected by the election judges in favor of Wilson Jeudy, Mayor Delmas Force (2010).

For the reason that the HSP is in the coalition force in 2010. Al Mac interpretation of this is that HSP party is within Force 2010 group of political parties, so there can be only one candidate.

I have a document with info on the people rejected by CEP, because at one time I thought some of them might be accepted, but I did not want to clutter my main research document with info that might no longer be valid for much longer.

Some of these people try again in later elections, so info about them can be helpful.

There are now several places doing polling comparisons between the candidates, which I have combined into an Excel which I could e-mail people by request, I upload latest periodically to Haiti Rewired and Yahoo group Haiti Disaster Recovery Research, so people can select which of my research info to make personal copies of.

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