Not so far, he is the only one, the followings are a bunch of...

Kelly Villate - August 23 2010, 8:21 PM

Not so far, he is the only one, the followings are a bunch of junks try to get a judicial job like always.

he is the best, he does not get elected this time mean that haitain pple don't look for or know quality.

I'VE said since 2006 that baker is the best choice haiti has had in long time. You haitian are so blind when it comes to politics, i hope this time we realize that baker is not the libarator but a team leader, a team player someone capable and willing to do what the previous...

had never done before.

I want the haitian ppl to know that he will change the situation in year of his term but i can guarantee you he will work hard and put a great orchestra for the profit of haiti and we has to collaborate with the team he will put on the field.

TO all my fellows haitian citizens, let's give baker a chance, change the way we do politics, create a new system that all of us and for the coming generation.

WITH BAKER yes we can.

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