Gerald Noel

Gerald Noel - August 21 2010, 10:29 AM

I love this country more than you can imagine.

Recently, I was in Haiti in a low profile.

Truly true, I wanted to support Wyclef Jean, although I know in terms of known the ground in the politic you are one of those posted.

I wanted to go with Wyclef, because the simply fact that Haiti needs an economy booming with Wyclef that will less effort than you will have to or the others.

I hope Wyclef will not himself carry by pride, he will stand up side by side with you. Among all those other leaders left in race you are the one I sat next to speak to some of your friends that are friends to me as well that there is one your friend that listen his heart talking that I feel him, and if he alone could save Haiti he will. I am going to say his name. But his so close to you, just a hint JP and YG I appreciate my time with them. Therefore, when the time comes I will have a lot of people that were supposed to be wyclef's supporters, they are all yours.

It won't take me long to redirect the flow. Good luck body.
Don't worry about finding me, I know where to find you. I will call you when the time is right.

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