Wyclef was did not grow up in Haiti and most likely did not...

Betty - August 19 2010, 1:54 AM

Wyclef was did not grow up in Haiti and most likely did not see first hand what our people is capable of when its interest is at sake. I am almost sure that his parents tried to convince him to give up what might be his childhood dream to become president.

On our haitian soil we talk about democracy every day but we have yet to understand and apply what it means.

I hope Wyclef is wise enough to understand that he is a sheep in a wolf's world.

He could become another casualty by the hand of the same people he's calling brother.

I wish we could have a fair election in which all qualified people could participate without receiving death threats.

My hopes are really low about it because we are known for being a threat to our own citizens, our own country, our own wellbeing, our own development.

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