This is to all the Haitian people:) Well I think it's about...

Manoucheca Marcelin - August 18 2010, 8:24 AM

This is to all the Haitian people:)
Well I think it's about time for something positive to happen for HAITI and I think WYCLEF JEAN is the Positive thing.

WYCLEF JEAN Heart is at the right place and If he surround himself with positive people that want good for Haiti there is HOPE for HAITI.

We need to stop with all of this negativity's and put our head together it's embarrassing every time we have to go else where to get help and we call ourselves independent Country come on people let's stop all off this nonsense and make the change, our ancestors fought really hard to make us independent and we've been trashing it like it was giving to us. IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE LET'S PUT OUR HEAD TOGETHER HELP EACH OTHER INSTEAD HARMING EACH OTHER FOR NONSENSES PLEASE LET'S KEEP OUR LEADERSHIP WITH OUR HEAD UP HIGH.


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