I believe Genard Joseph is one of the candidat who can bring...

Jean Eddy - August 14 2010, 8:11 AM

I believe Genard Joseph is one of the candidat who can bring the real change in Haiti because he knows the problems this country facing more then 200 years ago and he gets the solution on his hands.

Genard worked many years with the Haitian population in Artibonite and other states in Haiti such as Cap Haitian, Cayes, Fort-Liberte, Nippes..., he always sitdown with the population about the issues they are facing in life and try to help them to resolve some of them. I am going to put a little thing I know about his biography,
"Genard JOSEPH: ecology and ethics in the service of the City

I was born in northern Haiti, where I spent my first primary and secondary school before going to Port-au-Prince to complete my secondary education at the Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

My certificate of graduation certificate in hand, I became the Ecole Normale Superieure and the Faculty of Law, two academic institutions that shaped me as a citizen university.

I knew very quickly the meaning of the collective and solitary struggle.

Deriving the student community and the Democratic Movement, I attended the pain and suffering of the better paying enough the price of democracy as a change and not the end of development.

I am not alone and I refuse to be alone.

I declare myself a candidate for high office of president to say no to the historical stalemate and failure of a whole fringe of men and women who agree to leave it on autopilot.

It was after long and intense debates in successive meetings that members of the political structure (Solidarity) to which I belong have opted for my candidacy.

I am indebted for their confidence placed in me.

I am willing to promote ecology and ethics as levers for the reconstruction of Haiti, harshly struck January 12, 2010.

As the trail:

* Former member of the Feneh (National Federation of Haitian students

National Trainer Mission Alpha

* Founder of the Haitian Foundation for Environment and Development (FHED) after the hurricanes that destroyed angry Mapou and Fond Verretes

-He holds an MA in Humanities at the University of Nantes on Ethics and parliament based in Haiti, the subject of this work was successfully defended and approval of the Jury

-National Coordinator since November Solidarity Sodo / OPD

Solidarity to organize and develop Haiti.


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