Politic in Haiti is simply a JOKE, it's not serious. Here is...

Ansy Joseph - August 11 2010, 11:27 AM

Politic in Haiti is simply a JOKE, it's not serious.

Here is why nobody around the world take us seriously and some of them take advantage even through our misfortunes.

Can you imagine after January 12, the focus in on the election, not on the people who are still suffering in the streets, camp out under plastic tents with empty stomach, and little girls who are exposed to the shameless rapists.

For me, those things are the PRIORITIES.

Take a look at the bunch of candidates we have. Nobody seems really care about our homeless people right now, but they are preparing to raise & spend a lot of millions of $$$$, just to become "PRESIDENT".

I understand we need a leadership in this country, but for the present moment, all true haitian politicians could easily sit as one nation and focus on what they should do to handle the situation we are facing to. There is no surprise to me if the Mr. Bill Clinton held the money and does nothing because he does not trust anybody.

For those reasons, I support the deputy, he is right.

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