The so-called elections will be held and organized for and by...

Tiba - June 19 2010, 9:06 PM

The so-called elections will be held and organized for and by the masters (UN & US).

The American media had waited with great impatience for the explosion of the worst blood shed, chaos, mahem, and havoc in Haiti soon after the earthquake.

They were all very disappointed, frustrated, and dismayed, when Haitians proved to them they know how to act in time of great catastrophy.

They held up from distributing water and food to the victims purposely in order to force Haitians to go on a killing rampage and state of chaos, but Haitians remained cool, calm, and collected busy helping their countrymen from the rubbles.

The white master was very disappointed and could not understand what just happened, the Haitians did not fight amongst themesleves and killing each other.

The elections UN and US are forcing down Haitian throats is another ditch afford to cause the bloodshed, the chaos, mahem, and havoc they were looking for from Haitians in January, but did not get. The master knows very well that the elections will be a sure/guarantee thing for bloodshed and chaos.

The master always need an excuse not to fulfill their promise to Haiti and therefore will go above and beyond to create violence and chaos in Haiti.

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