I think that is the reason why our people of Haiti can not...

Jean Claude - March 5 2010, 5:20 PM

i think that is the reason why our people of Haiti can not really do anything for themselves and also this is the kind of situation that cause other nations do not think that we can handle our problems.

I do not see any reason for election now after such a great disaster that has ravaged the people living them in potential emotional trauma.

That proves it is only "politrik we realy playing in Haiti.

No one has the gut to realize that these people need more than election now they are dying when will we have some one with a real human heart to bring Haitians out of that pit it has been for so many years?

To me, that's a shame onn the Haitian's government.Are we thinking?

do we know the importance of a human being?

I do not support election at this moment it can stay for later now it is about lives and the thousands of babies children under age that need attention.

We Haitians are not animals living being created in God's image and likeness.

Are we still fulfilling our slave masters agenda?

can some one answer me please i want to know.


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