Wikileaks Blows The Whistle On Preval and Haiti Elections 2010

Wikileaks Haiti Breaking News - A leaked memo from the U.S. Embassy in Haiti reveals that President Preval may have rigged the November 28 presidential elections in order to avoid being forced into exile by his successor.

Wikileaks Haiti

The memo, released by Wikileaks on Wednesday December 1 2010, was dated June 16, 2009 and sent under the name of then U.S. Ambassador Janet Sanderson

Here is a shocking clip from the memo...

Close friends speculate that many of Preval's actions during the past year - his rapprochement with Alexis and the Neptune faction of Lavalas, his obsession with constitutional reform, his anger over drug trafficker Guy Philippe, even his reactions to the April riots - stem from his very real fear that politics will prohibit him from returning to private life in Haiti after his presidency.

Thus, they argue, his overriding goal is to orchestrate the 2011 presidential transition in such a way as to ensure that whoever is elected will allow him to go home unimpeded.

Based on our conversations, this is indeed a matter that looms large for Preval.

He has said to me on various occasions that he is worried about his life after the presidency, that he would not survive in exile.

His concerns seem real, given Haiti's history, albeit somewhat overblown at this point in time.


It seems Rene Preval wants to go home to Marmelade and resume his private life when he leaves office. Therefore, his primary goal in the 2010 presidential elections may have been to NOT let anyone interfere with his wish... even it it means choosing his own successor.

So that's what it all about... The guy wants to stay home...

Does a president have to go to this length just to stay home?

Can a president guarranteed IMUNITY in Haiti after his presidency?

For details and a link to the memo on Wikileaks click on

There's also a second memo released by Wikileaks on Haiti, click on

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Ronald Trenard says...

We are a civilised nation despite what any orhers may think of us.Now this is the time to prove them wrong.

In every country of thr world politics have always been the dirtiest business.

It is about time we stop that stupid system that an ex president must leave the country after his terms.


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Rolex Saint Preux says...

I believe this happen many times before in Dominican

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Kakabwa says...

trop moune ki pa konn lire ki sou pouvwa a se sak fet preval chire, trop moune sot nan senat a. tankou jean moise ki pa kalifye pou senater pwal 3eme senater mezanmi kote nou pran. trop

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Myrtho Charles says...

It would be a normal thing for Preval to stay home after the end of his terms but his allies are going to make trouble for the next

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Sergo Jean says...

Gen yon parol ki di sa ou fe nan fenoi, pral pale sou trotoi demen nan tout la ru a midi sa fet jodia e nan tout entegralite l. Preval panse li se sel met e mwen te toujou cre li pa sa. Oficiel yo ki Haiti e nan le Mond bezwen reconet gen yon mounn ki superie ki responsab et control tou nan place kote li Habite ya, e lap vin mande yo cont sou service yo tap ran pep la yon Jou.Mwen panse si Preval ap cheche place pou li ale li reconet li fe sa ki pabon nan pouvoi e si li te fe bagay ki just li pa ta bezwen ap couri se pou li ta rete nan peyi li.Mwen te pale bagay sa yo deja sou Belpolitic.Com petet nou pat conprann sa.Le m te di Neg an Haiti yo fe sa ki just paske blan yo foul avec mounn lakay yo e yon jou pep nan peyi sa yo ca pran decizion pou voye tout mounn bac lakay yo e si ou menm ki deyo wap vin antre li pap facil.

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Amonnon Louis says...

A chak fwa sa yo repete, li vi-n sanble ak yon tibebe ki toujou vle rete bo kote manman-l pou cheche proteksyon.

sa-m vle di pa la, si yon nonm rive chef deta nan peyi-w ou pa janm ka pran responsablite-w anve peyi wap dirije-a nan fe respekte lwa ki reji nasyon-an wap toujou mache tet anba devan mou-n kap diktew la. lenk sa-a montre nou a kle ke Ayiti pap janm jwenn chans li pou-l devlope, paske tout mou-n kap dirije-l yo se yon ban-n koken ak yon ban-n magouye ki la selman pou defann entere yo kont pep sa-a kap manje te depi ti konkonm ap goumen ak bereje-n.
kesyon nou dwe poze jodi-a, eske Ayiti pap jan-m jwenn yon lide ki pou mennen-l sou rout devlopman?

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Guy Comeau says...

Preval cynicism never ceased to amaze me.
However, Rene Preval is a Haitian citizen; he should be able to STAY in his country.

We are talking about change.

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Ericka says...

i understand where preval is coming from, even though i dont like him dhat much
i really dnt think its necessary for them to leave the country if they dont want to
whether they leave or not, that should be a personal

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Rudy Etienne says...

I totally agree with

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Oxceva says...

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