Why Did INITE Try So Hard To Win The Majority In The Haitian Senate?

Food For Thought - President Preval and his INITE party tried by all means to win both the presidency and control of the Haitian parliament... Why do you think? Really...

Because Michel Martelly refused to stand down, we now have a NON-INITE president and Majority INITE parliament.

Honestly, all I see is trouble in the horizon...

Control is OK but... to ACCOMPLISH WHAT???

Does this senate know what the Haitian people want?

Is this new Senate here to fulfill the will of the Haitian people?

Why was it so important for INITE to win this election?


There's fighting in the Haitian Senate already...

From what I've read in the news, the first and second session did not go very well in the senate...

It seems that, already, Haitian senators cannot even agree on the appointment of Senate staff members.


Why was it so important for Preval's INITE party to win?

Do they have a plan for Haiti?

If there cannot agree on who to hire within the senate walls, what makes you think that they will agree on anything that matters of the Haitian people?

Does INITE have any plan for Haiti except POWER and control?

It looks to me like the Haitian senate majority is the new dictatorship in Haiti... They will spend five hears fighting and NOTHING will get done!

Am I wrong to think that way?

What if the senate decide to BLOCK progress in Haiti? What if they spend the next 5 years fighting over cars, their own salaries, and other personal crap? What happens then?

Why do I get the impression that this is all about MONEY? BILLIONS...

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine(France).

mardi 3 mai 2011

Dangers sur la

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F.barthelemy says...

true power is not in the hands of corupt leadership,,,it is the hands of every simple haitian at home and abroad,,once we understand that we need to organize under one voice one

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Josy says...

I believe INITE finally met its match, and President Martelly will put them in their places.

He is going to meet very strong resistance, and Haitians do not like changes.

They might even try to kill him by many means, but his name is "Michel" and all his children have it in their names.

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Sergo Jean says...

mwen pa cre gen pati politic ki an majorite an Haiti.nou selman gen oportunis neg cap veye ki cote dlo a coule pi fre pou yo ka al fe cob.Le preval te vinn prezidan li te vinn sou banie OPL, ESPOIR et cote pati politic sa yo?kounie a li transforme an INITE.

se menm bagay la pou FNCD kite vinn ba wou OPL. Micky ou we ki elu prezidan chef baron pati sa ki se Repons peyizan te di yo rale ko yo deye Micky paske se group neg nan zafe humanite ki soutni Micky kom prezidan se pa branch politic la men kounie a Micky prezidan langaj yo pral chanje demen paske yap bezwen pos.menm FANMI LAVALAS te plen tret andan e se kounie a FANMI LAVALAS vinn yon vre pati politic ki gen mounn ki pral defann li avec liv blan pati a paske Aristide demaske tout neg sa yole li retounen apre 7 ane deyo. Group sa yo rele INITE a se yon group Neg ki te couvri avec lot banie politic ou bien melanj politic.Map di si Prezidan Micky vini avec plan reyelman pou devlope Haiti apre 1 an tout neg sa yo ou we nan palman pral mache deye prezidan paske lap ka controle yo nan panse, lajan, e ot Paske docun pami yo se yon pil parese ki pa conn travay sof blofe mounn pou fe cob.Gen ladan yo se pou viza yo la avec rezidance e se sac fe ou we counie a depi gen yon problem wap we USA di retire viza yo avec rezidance yo. Haiti vann depi le Aristide kite Haiti 7 ane pase sa nou we la yo just bezwen mounn ki acsyone ki pa pe mounn pou vinn nan tet peyi a pou ka fe pep la domi pou lot peyi yo ka regle zafe yo pandan ke yap lese pep konnen se pou yo yap travay, si se te zafe pep ki tap regle ou tap we gen yon biro an Haiti ki tap di tout ayisyen ki vle investi nan peyi yo men poucentaj yap jwen sou $ 500 chac mois kote tout ayisyen tap we yo doue investi nan prop peyi yo. bagay sa ki gen anba se zafe blanc avec yon tigroup neg.men sel bagay mwen cre gen yon lot Dessalines cap vini avec Toussaint.

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Rev. Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

Well, I don't know if the Senate know
what the Haitian people want. But I do
know that the deputies know every little thing that the Haitian people

Now, let me give you a litle

If the new President Michel Martelly can work together with the deputies, he will have a strong government..

May God one day give you presidential wisdom.


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Nicolas Ronel says...

The reason why INITE tried to win the majority in the parliament just to get the prime minister and still get the control of the country.

I am very sorry for them. they couldn't block down once again the country.

Their reign is over and absolutely

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Job Hyppolite-jean says...

Hey Wood, I am not replying to the the above title.

I just have a question in mind, i thingk you might be able to help me find an element of answer, since you have been informing me lately.

I haerd that the President Elect Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly has a dual citizenship.

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Ben says...

I am not suprise by the fact they have try so hard Haiti is still corup to the core you have to remember this cancer coruption is part of the Haitian society is has become a way of life in Haiti.

I am concern about our new President how he will be able to disolve these Magouilleur, Mafia,Crook and low life in Haiti.

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