Video: Louis Farrakhan Warns Wyclef About Running For President Of Haiti

A new video has just surfaced on the Internet about "Minister Louis Farrakhan's Prophetic Warning to Wyclef Jean on Leading Haiti"

While speaking about Barack Obama being "se-lected before he was e-lected," Louis Farrakhan said to Wyclef:

"It's a tiny group of people that study you... When your heart is for your people, there are those who have always corrupted the leadership of Haiti...

And right now, like vultures, they gather around a famous brother... because they suspect a future for him back in Haiti...

and they want to get their claws... into the brother... so that if he goes back to serve... he will be their man...

When they select you, they study you well... They studied Barack Obama..."

Watch the video and tell us what you think...

(video not available)

The funny thing is, the video was recorded back on February 28, 2010 at the annual Saviours' Day convention put on by the Nation of Islam.

It is now, after Wyclef's candidacy, that the video has been released and is being talked about on the Internet.


Will Louis Farrakhan be to Wyclef what Rev. Jeremiah Wright was to Obama?

Share your opinion about this video, the message, and how you think it will affect Wyclef's candidacy?

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Aia says...

Hate is an emotion or a loigacl conclusion which has been assigned both negative or positive values by Progressives, liberals, racists (such as Farrakhan) and their ilk.a0 Farrakhan has a whole list of good hates and bad hates.

a0 You can not argue with a moron who believes he can define a word in two different ways in the same argument.

a0 Argument requires a loigacl brain, not a pre-programmed emotional reaction to all premises (Hate Bush -good; hate Obama -bad; hate Whitey- good; hate Black racists, like Farrakhan, -bad) a0 Before you can say to hate is bad or acceptable you must define hate. a0 From On-line Dictionary:hate v. hatb7ed, hatb7ing, hates 1. a. To feel hostility or animosity toward. b. To detest.; 2. To feel dislike or distaste for: a0 a0 i.e. hates washing dishes.v.intr.a0a0 To feel hatred.n.a0a0 1. Intense animosity or dislike; hatred.2. An object of detestation or hatred:a0a0a0 i.e. My pet hate is tardiness.So, do you hate Obama, hate his policies, or you disagree, but not hate, requires a definition for hate. a0 I loathe Obama and his cabal of Marxist/Progressive swine.

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Garry Destin says...

Yes...When one speaks right, he is considered bad but when the preachers tell us that we are cursed everyone says amen.
Mr L. Farrakhan and Mr Wright are giants among

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Earl says...

This article makes no mention of Baby Doc who was Haitis' 9th

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Jean Martineau says...

Zili Danto, Prominent Aristidiennes Distort

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Sergo Jean says...

I believe, we are the children of God .Jesus Christ is the son of God.We are here to serve one another.Not to have a chief like Pharaoh .we are free to choose with our own life, what to do and not to do what a person

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Earl says...

Louis Farakhan is a Muslim not a Christian and they do not see Jesus as master but instead give recognition to Jesus as an apostle of God. Farrakhan is right to give the warnings to Wyclef but for the wrong reasons.

Haiti needs policies for recovery and EXPANSION under the former policy approved by the Americans known as "manifest destiny".

What are the policies of Wyclef for Haiti and how will the people of Haiti respond to a potential leader that makes over 13,000 times as much money as the average

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Toulimen says...

Rev Louis Farrakan has given a precious advice to candidate Wyclef and he already told him what is awaiting for him as a black puppet figure if he becomes selected or elected in Haiti.

He warns Wyclef not deliver Haiti to the Americans so they will not transform into a place to sodomize, rape, discriminate Haitian children through diseases as well as reaping all the benefits of this island.

He believes that Americans are ungrateful people toward former Haitian ancestors that helped them gain their indepndence and secure the purchase of Louisiana from France for 15 millions dollars.

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Sergo Jean says...

I believe we are in this world for the good of our Master Jesus Christ, to do our will and not to give warns to people who desire to serve his

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Miggy says...


Get your first lady dress ready girl, because I know that you can design.


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Big Papa Emile Joblo says...

this is the man of the last minute.

he will be a saviour for this poorest haiti.

oh boy!!! i support him with

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