Today Is Haiti Election Results Day... AGAIN... We Hope!

Today is supposed to be another BIG day in the history of Haiti so keep your fingers crossed. WILL The electoral council (CEP) finally tell the Haitian people, and the world, who will be Haiti's next democratically-elected president???

Boy... OH Boy...

I feel so sorry for all the future Haitian students who will have to study "L'Histoire D'Haiti par coeur"

"in hinh.. in hinh... Le 20 mars 2011... in hinh... Le president Aristide... in hinh... LOL..."

"in hinh.. in hinh... Le conseil electorale provisoire... in hinh..."

I am serious man... Think about it...

The history of Haiti between 1987 and 2011 is enough to fill an encyclopedia...

So.... Huh... What will happen in Haiti today, and AFTER today?

  1. Will the announcement be made?
  2. Will Haiti have a new Chef D'Etat today?
  3. Will there be another delay?
  4. Will the Haitian people jump for joy... OR...
  5. Are we going to bear witness to November 28th 2010 all over again?

Woushhhh! Toudissman... Tet vire normal...
Se yon konpress mwen pral fe larr... LOL

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Ross Chery says...

i need haiti to change what now cause to much people die today oh lord i need to help my country and help my pleople please

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Dashiki Phillip says...

As the bible said these things will happen, men in high places will be hungry for power and here we can c it unfolds.

Haiti have a lot of problems already in they hands and now bring this will be more problems for them.

May god help them

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Pierre Brisseau Pierre says...

Tu as parfaitement raison.

Il faut comprendre

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Ocean says...

Mwen pa gen anyen map di, selman map sib sa kap fet, Haiti se peyi ki toujou ap fe istwa.

An-n rete gade pou-n we sak pwal pase. Men li le li tan pou-n we e konnen kouman demokrasi

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Marie Elie says...

OH man mwen pral chita a te poum tande kose

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Jean Claude says...

i remember when i used to go to elementaire et moyen an ayiti, i did not have to read this book because i knew my lessons par ker. schools at tha time used to give you more than 2 chapters for a hole week to study till the next one. what makes it so funny is that i only had one "HEAD" but now those poor students in Haiti would have to have more than one to survive this unwanted head knowledge.

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Jen says...

SI C EST MANIGAT QUI EST ELUE, ON POURRA DIRE QUE aristide est presiden tmais aussi, si il y a tous ces soldats americains ce n est pas pour la saison des ouragan naturels, mais ouragans cree par le peuple

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Sergo Jean says...

Now I do not believe Haiti has enemies, I do believe we are our own enemies because we created it and we voted for it each time.Even every nation decide to move by itself yap tonbe plat a ter paske le monde chanje lontan sou tout peyi sa yo cap betize, avec yon kesyon de yo gran mounn .pou nou ta di nou gran mounn jodia foc nou te comanse depi 30 ane apre indepandans peyi a pou te gen yon baz ou fondasyon pou nou menm e pitit pitit nou.Si nou pat gen sa avan lap fo e dificil pou metel actuelman paske tan nou ye la se pa bezwen sa pep la genyen se gran gou paske nou nan situation mounn ap fe ninpot bagay poul pa ret gran gou avec pitit li.mwen pa di Haiti se yon ka pedi men bezwen gen anpil volonte e amour tout bon pou peyi pou corije 206 ane lide nou yo tap galbende san panse sa ki just e counie a nou gen yon pep ki toujou ap choizi emosyon nan election e non plan de

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Camy says...

kat la mare katoz, ou fout pran, priye pou nou priye Bondye.

ayisyen tro sot

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Emmanuel says...

Hey Politicians it's time: time to love your country stop fill up your pocket and your relatives pockets turn your eyes up on your country.

HAiti Needs

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