The Return of Aristide Is NOT a Priority For MINUSTAH

The UN Stabilization mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH) made it clear that the return of ex-President Jean Bertrand Aristide is NOT a priority for them.

Does that mean that MINUSATH has no intention of providing Aristide with security upon arrival in Haiti?

In a few hours we will find out....

Rete Branche!

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Josy says...

He stole enough money from the country to hire bodyguards, and always had private security anyway.

The man has a family to protect, and he is going to make sure they do not get hurt in the process.

He has enough money to built a University in South Africa, and I cannot wait to see what he has for Haiti.

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Vladimi says...

nou pa bezwen minustah bay Aristid sekirite pep la pre pou l bay titid sekirite, e dabo depi ke nou fin gen yon stabilite politik nan peyi a Minustah sipoze ale bay peyi a fason ke l vle l la.
viv Aristid for

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Ratpakaka, chimeres,so-ann will gives him

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