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FLASH: Haiti Senator Willot Joseph against President Jovenel Moise resigning from office

Jovenel Moise, Willot Joseph PHTK Pre-Campaign Meeting - Hinche Haiti Breaking News... Haitian Senator Willot Joseph stands against the idea of President Jovenel Moise resigning from office. "the departure of president Jovenel will not fix anything because the departure of Aristide did not solve our problem," Senator Willot said. more »

VIDEO: Haiti - Senateur Willot Joseph di se Depute, Senate ak GWO neg ki vole tout lajan PetroCaribe a

Haitian Senator Willot Joseph Watch this video... Haitian Senator Willot Joseph tells Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant to build a build a bigger prison for the Deputes and Senators because it is them and a bunch of big guys who stole the PetroCaribe money... more »

Haiti - Senator Willot Joseph says Parliament gun fire incident was staged

Willot Joseph - Senateur Centre PHTK Haitian senator Willot Joseph says the attack on Haiti's parliament building Monday was just a staged act and the person responsible is someone within parliament. more »

Haiti Douane: 3 Senators accused of having total control of the border at Belladere

Haiti Senators Willot Joseph, Rony Celestin, WIlfrid Gelin Haitian Journalist Guerrier Henri accuses 3 senators of having total control of customs at the border of Belladere, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic border town of Elias Pina. more »

Haitian Senators walk out of a Budget Meeting with President Jovenel Moise

Haiti President Jovenel Moise : What's Going on? There was a meeting between Haiti president Jovenel Moise and 14 Senators regarding the vote on the 2017-2018 finance law recently, Many senators disagree with the finance law. more »

Haiti Senator Willot Joseph wants autonomy for City Mayors, ASECs and CASECs

Haiti Senateur Willot Joseph Haitian Centre Senator Willot Joseph says he cannot understand why all Senators, Deputes and the President of Haiti are treated like kings while the city mayors, ASECs and CASECs are treated like animals. more »

FLASH : Haiti Senator Willot Joseph just attacked, his vehicle stolen

Haiti Senateur Willot Joseph Breaking News... Bandits in Haiti have just attacked Senator Willot Joseph. They left with his car, according to Boucan Carre depute Jude Jean. more »

Haiti Elections - WILLOT Joseph Denonse plan pou mete Junior JIHA deyo nan Election pou Gregory Chevry ka Senate

Willot Joseph, Junior Jiha, Gregory Chevry - Candidat Senateur Centre Candidat pou Senatè Plateau Central Willot Joseph fe konnen sou yon antenne Radio nan vill Hinche yon plan byen monte pou flanke Jean Junior Jija deyo nan election an epi voye Gregory Chevry monte pou li ka rive senatè... more »

Haiti Post Election - WILLOT Joseph Reponds to 3 Candidate-Haters of Jovenel Moise

Willot Joseph - Senateur Centre PHTK Haiti post-Election Update -- Willot Joseph, the PHTK candidate for Senator (centre), came to the rescue of his party candidate for president, Jovenel Moise, Tuesday, after 3 other candidates; came out making all kinds of accusations that a 'MAGOUY Electoral' was made Jovenel's behalf... Compared to these candidates asking the population to rise up and protest against Jovenel, Willot Joseph asked everyone to relax, Do not listen to sore loosers encouraging you to misbehave... more »

Haiti Elections - BATAY Pete: Willot Joseph vs. A. Rodon Bien-Aime Sou Radio MEN FM Hinche

Willot Joseph - A. Rodon Bien-Aimé Haiti Elections Update -- Yon GWO batay verbal pete 2 Candidat PHTK, Willot Joseph, candidat Senateur Plateau Central, ak Antoine Rodon Bien-Aimé, Depute elu Cerca Carvajal, sou antenne Radio MEN FM nan ville Hinche jounen jeudi 22 Octobre 2015 la nan emission 'Konsonmen'... more »